Short rhymes from students

บทกวีสั้นๆ จากนักเรียน

proudly presented

by Nut Leelalertlaew (Nut)

When I wake up I drink some water.
Then I go to Major,
and write on some paper
to order food at Chester's
because I like its flavor.

Because I'm never clever.
For English, I was a hater.
At twelve o'clock plus 2 quarters,
I go up the elevator,
walk past starmaker,
to my English educator.

by Sitanun Trongtorsak (Elf)

I stay in a big castle.
My money is immeasurable.
When I go to gamble
I always have a dazzle,
but now I have a candle
and only one apple.

by Pornnapat Pattanasuk (Bogie)
with help from Timothy Ryan S.

I am lazy and crazy.
I’m just a little lady.
Sleeping like a baby.
In the classroom,
my teacher wakes me.

I am lazy and crazy.
Nothing is as tasty
as a chocolate bar,
dipped in gravy.
A snack that will certainly make me weighty.

I am lazy and crazy.
Drawing pictures of people
is what I do daily.
Don’t make me draw an eagle
because it will look like a beetle.

I am lazy and crazy.
I enjoy cartoons greatly.
Watching One Piece, Naruto and Free
instead of studying;
is just a fantasy.

by Primlapat Vuthithaveepat (Carrot)

Hi, I'm Carrot, I'm beautiful
Everybody knows I am suitable
Some girls want to be like me
Sorry, but that isn't doable
Come to see my face
and you will say 'INCREDIBLE!'

by Pimonporn Saleewong (Ae)

Sometimes I see a man
sitting on the land
looking up at the sky
waiting for someone to soothe him from his cries

by Nichapat Wattayagorn (Karn)

When I want to go to swim
I go to the gym
Oh! look at him
he's very slim
but his face is very grim!

by Wanwalit Jitrngam (Gap)

I stay at home alone
I have neighbors but they are unknown
I think of using the phone
but I have no money so I have to loan
but I can only buy an ice cream cone

by Arpasson Faengphong (Aor)

If my shirt is very fit
I will buy some yarn to knit
maybe I'll buy some beer
then use it for my benefit
this should be a very good idea

by Yanisa Chungwiwattanaporn (Hong)

Tomorrow I have an interview
I'm afraid of the teacher's crew
they're like a waterfall and I feel like a drop of dew
but I'll still continue

by Prangtip Phuwapattanachart (Am)

I want to be a superstar
but my shape is like a jar
begin eating salad & papaya?
yuck!, I prefer a chocolate bar

by Patthamaporn Treenate (Aim)

I was going to the toilet at night at a party
I saw a beautiful girl, running to the toilet quickly
"That's NOT the ladies toilet", I shouted to her loudly
Surprisingly, she said she was a boy
and not a lady!

by Chanoknard Karnjanapa​k (Kwan)

I want to go home
because I forgot my comb
my home looks like a dorm
and it's colored like foam

by Chonlada Puttipong (Fern)

I looked at your eyes
I can see you cry
You don't have to try
and cut the onions to fry

by Chaloemkiat Chanchai (Ohm)

I met a girl at sea
She was beautiful and so sexy
She told me "you can kiss me for free"
Oh no! Why did you wake me?

by Lalitpat Yuampai (Amda)

I like to go to school
but I don't like friends who are fools
I'm annoyed of my teachers
because they look like creatures

by Nuttabuth Nounsuwan (Heart)

I like to play sport
I went to play in a resort
I can dunk because I am tall
that's why my favorite sport is basketball

by Nattapat Tanatreerat (Gun)

I like to go to the forest
I think this place is the best
I see a cave and it's red
Oh God! I can't wait to get wet

by Tunyawat Jitpaisanwattana (Tong)

When I was in school
I was very cool
I liked to swim in the swimming pool
but I didn't like to follow the rules

by Bavornrat Thanarittivarapak (Pao)

I want to buy a pen
but I don't have money to spend
so my father gave me a hen
but the shopkeeper said he wanted ten

by Thittaya Winojwaranurak (Sai)

I liked to eat chocolate
but I didn't have the budget
I was lucky to be diligent
so I went to clean the toilet
for a big buffet of chocolate

by Karnjana Meechai (Karn)

I have a king size bed
it's where a big pillow and I met
Whenever I have a headache
I will come here and have a break

by Tanaporn Chainirunkul (Lee)

I'm sitting on my chair
my mom's cutting my hair
now I look like a bear
then daddy said "don't you care"

by Thanittha Srisurapol (Kam)

I'd like to go swimming some day
but my mom didn't pay
'cause I've made some mistakes
so I guess I'll go to the lake

by Apinya Sukonthajinda (Goi)

I made some cookies to share
but my friends didn't care
'cause they wouldn't like dessert today
so I didn't know what to say

by Nisakorn K. (Mae)

While I was swimming in the sea
I felt uncomfortable, I wanted to pee
but I couldn't find the bathroom key
so I did my business under a tree

by Wisit Hirunpinyopas (Noo)

I'd like to play some sport
but not the skateboard
it's too dangerous for me
I'd rather go to ski

by Samon Sangapol (Im)

When there comes a day
that you can do what you say
and no worries come after you play
you can finally say yeah!

by Chamiporn Y. (J)

I was sitting on a chair
looking at my hair
in front of the mirror, I wanted to share
my hairstyle, everywhere

Stories written by students

นิทานสั้นๆ จากนักเรียน


by Nutnaree Duangdee (Aim)

I like watching the japanese cartoon "Conan". It is about investigation. At the beginning, two teenagers go to a theme park. One is named Shinichi and the other is named Run. Shinichi found suspicious events. While he was watching some events, someone hit the back part of his skull with a piece of wood. Shinichi was drugged with APTX 4869. He was a detective before he became a child. Although in a child's body, he solved many murder cases. He became Conan, the famous detective boy.

Monster Chicken

by ณภัทร มธุรันยานนท์ (Napat Mathurunyanont)

I lived in a bamboo forest and there was a big chicken that liked to eat dogs and eat your sticky rice when you were sleeping. One day I was walking in the forest with my friend. We were playing paint ball and then suddenly a big monster jumped out and took our guns. I kicked it, but it was very strong. I called the police and I said "come and help me now". I saw the big monster. The police came and shot the monster and tasted it. One minute later the police got a headache and got very sick. I drove the police to the hospital. The doctor said "Listen to me, the policeman got a new virus but I know where to get the medicine. It is a green sock. It's on the mountain. You can climb to get it", so we went to the mountain and found two socks, a green one and a blue one. The policeman ate the green one and then he tried the blue one. After he ate the blue sock he became a genie and gave me three wishes.

Dream on the Bed

by ณภัทร มธุรันยานนท์ (Napat Mathurunyanont)

Yesterday I was absent, because I went through a cave and found a diamond. It was across the river above me. I saw some people over the river and I said "come here to see what I found". I saw mud and the mud talked to me. It said "Pun, the diamond is mine!” I felt very gross, so I gave the diamond back to it. I ran away. The adrenaline made me feel light. I yelled loudly "Help ME!” It was very early next morning when I found out that it was just a dream.

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