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1. What laptop should I buy? It ____ what you'll use it for and your budget.

2. Which is in its superlative form:

3. I ____ my oldest friend since fifth grade.

4. My friend is flying to Egypt next week. It ____ really hot.

5. Choose the incorrect answer: There were ____ cakes that had chocolate.

6. ____ the summer, I have to turn on the air-conditioner more frequently.

7. What passive tense is this sentence: The restroom isn't being used.

8. Make this sentence past perfect: Our team ____ when I scored the last four points.

9. That stranger ____ me whether I was from around here or not.

10. If I ____ enough money this year, I'm ____ a new house.

11. If ____ I had bought that lottery ticket, I ____ hit the jackpot.

12. I usually ____ my visa ____ within the time limit.

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