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1. Excuse me, can I have a ____ that blue and white striped shirt please?

2. Which is in its comparative form:

3. They ____ cartoons all day long.

4. I've got no plans this evening. I think I ____.

5. Choose the incorrect answer: There were ____ banks at the department store.

6. She always chats on her phone ____ the lesson.

7. What passive tense is this sentence: This glass hadn't been used before me.

8. Make this sentence past perfect: Our team ____ when I scored the last four points.

9. She ____ she graduated from Harvard university.

10. We will ____ you a new computer if you ____ your exams with A's.

11. If I ____ principal of my school, I ____ add new books to the library.

12. We would like our food ____ our room, please.

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