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1. Five ____ were swimming in the pool.

2. Could ____ pass ____ the salt please?

3. What is your ____ job?

4. ____ doesn't like to eat when the T.V. is on.

5. Another way of saying five fifteen (5:15) is:

6. It ____ in every season in Thailand.

7. He ____ his glasses in the dark cave.

8. Make this sentence into a past simple question: You watched Inception in a theater.

9. There aren't ____ pictures in your profile.

10. ____ emails do you get per day?

11. I ____ a new tablet computer tomorrow.

12. Which one is a comparative adjective:

13. Can you speak Russian? No, I ____.

14. I ____ be famous when I get older.

15. I'm sorry, but I ____ here before.

16. What verb tense is this sentence: I have already traveled to Japan.

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